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Model Test 1-2(解析版)[1](20120220)


Model Test 1-2 词汇结构解析版

Part II Vocabulary and Structure (30 minutes, 20 points)

Directions: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A),

B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then you should mark the corresponding letter

on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

21. She cooked the meat for a long time so as to make it ____ enough to eat.

A) mild

B) tender


C) light

D) slight

Mild: 温和的;轻微的;淡味的 Tender: 温柔的;柔软的;脆弱的 Light: 轻的;光亮的;容易的;清淡的 Slight: 轻微的,少量的;脆弱的;细长的;不重要的 So as to 以便于【+目的状语】 她把肉烹饪了很久以便于让肉松嫩易入口。

22. The Chinese nation has given___ to many national heroes and revolutionary leaders.

A) rise

B) birth

C) place

【考查】give 动词短语

Give rise to: 引起;导致

Give birth to: 生育,生产,产生

Give place to: 让位于;屈服;被…所代替

Give forth: 发出(+气味或声音)


D) forth

23 . We should combine theory ____ practice.

A) into

B) of

C) with

【考查】combine sth. with sth. 把…和…结合起来


D) at

24. Although he had looked through(浏览) all the reference material(参考资料) on the subject(话题), he still found it hard to understand this point and her explanation only ____ to his confusion(困惑).

A) extended

B) amounted


C) added

D) turned

Extend to: 延伸至;扩至

Amount to: 总计,合计

Add to:


Turn to: 转向;变成;求助于

Find it + adj. + to do: it 为形式宾语

Although: 虽然,尽管,引导让步状语从句



25. Some areas, ____their severe(严峻的,恶劣的) weather conditions, are hardly populated(vt. 居住于).

A ) due to

B ) in spite of


C ) but for

D ) with regard to

Due to: In spite of: But for:

由于 尽管,不管,不顾 要不是

With regard to: 关于,至于


26. Plastic heart valves(心脏瓣膜) and other human "spare parts(备用配件)" have____ possible many recent

developments in surgery(外科手术).

A ) made it

B ) to make

C ) been made

D ) made

【考查】Make sth. possible: 使…变得可能

Make it possible to do sth.

Make it possible that


27. The government is taking great measures to( 采 取 措 施 做 某 事 )____ from the backward( 落 后 的 )

agricultural country into an advanced(先进的) industrial country.

A ) become

B ) act

C ) transform

D ) permit


Become: 成为



Transform: 转变;转换;变形 (transform…into…把…变成…)




28. Careful surveys have indicated(表明) that as many as(多达) 50 percent of patients do not take drugs(吃药)

____ directed(指导).

A ) like

B ) so

C ) which

D ) as


调查表明多达 50%的病人未按照规定吃药。

29. I suppose( 认 为 , 猜 想 ) you have heard about( 听 说 ) Beijing University? It is one of the most ____

universities in China.

A ) superior

B ) upward

C ) famous

D ) plenty



上级的;优秀的(+ to)

Upward: 向上的;上升的

Famous: 著名的(for)




30. The audience( 听 众 ) in the theatre waited until the curtain( 幕 布 ) had risen(vi. 上 升 ) and then ____ into

applause(鼓掌) .

A ) made

B) cheered

C ) burst

D ) got

【考查】动词词组 burst into sth. 爆发出…

Burst into laughter / tears / applause / flames 大笑;大哭;爆发出掌声;突然着火


【辨析】Rise [vi.] 上升;arise [vi] 出现【arise from 由…引起;起因于】;raise [vt.] 举起

31. A man’s life in some way depends on(取决于) a ____ supply of blood.

A ) repeated

B ) recent

C ) continuous

D ) complete






Continuous: 连续不断的

Complete: 完整的


32. Applicants(申请人) will be considered ____ their files(档案) are complete(完整的) before the deadline(截 止日期)

A ) so that

B ) now that


C ) in order that

D ) provided that

So that:


Now that:


In order that:


Provided that: 只要,引导条件状语从句


33. In terms of(在…方面;就…而言) population, Greater New York City is the largest ____ center in the US .

A ) rural

B ) mountainous


C ) urban

D ) local









34. ________, I couldn't find the answer to the question.

A ) As I tried

B ) As I might try


C ) Try as I might

D ) Might as I try

名词、形容词、副词、动词原形等可置于句首,构成倒装。这类倒装的让步状语从句可用 as, though 来引导,不能用 although 来引导;但是,未倒装的让步状语从句却可用 though, although 来引导,而 不能用 as 来引导。也就是说, although 引导让步状语从句时不能倒装,as 引导让步状语从句时必须倒 装,而 though 引导让步状语从句时可以倒装也可以不倒装。如: 虽然很晚了,但我们还是继续工作。
正:Late as [though] it was,we still went on working. 正:Though it was late,we still went on working. 虽然我努力了,但是还是找不出这个问题的答案。

35 . She looks ______smart in that suit.

A ) pretty

B ) handsome


C ) beautiful

D ) nice



Handsome: 形容词,潇洒的【常形容男士】

Beautiful: 形容词,漂亮的




36. I didn't help him. I would have ______ I didn't have the money.

A ) but

B ) or


C ) still

D ) otherwise


I would have (helped): 对过去的虚拟 37. Behind the strikes(罢工) there was a ______ among people to overthrow(推翻) the government.

A ) plot

B ) fable


C ) story

D ) message

Plot: Fable:

情节;阴谋;秘密计划 寓言



Message: 消息;信息


38. I don't think we've met before. You are confusing me with _____.

A ) each other 【考查】代词

B ) one another

C ) someone else

D ) other

Each other:


One another:


Someone else: 别人

Other: adj.



Confuse sb. with sb. 把某人和某人弄混 39. Just before taking off(飞机起飞), the pilot(飞行员) once more____ about the weather condition.

A ) inquired

B ) requested


C ) required

D ) invited

Inquire: 询问 Request: 请求,恳请 Require: 要求,需要 Invite: 邀请 飞行员在飞机起飞之前再次询问了天气状况。

40. In this country it is required that anyone who has recently come here ____ taxes.

A ) will have to pay

B ) would have to pay

C ) have to pay 【考查】虚拟语气

D ) has to pay

Require“要求”,其后的从句要使用虚拟语气,形式是(should)+动词原形,should 可以省略 这个国家要求*来到本国的人都交税。

41. He ______ the fight for full "civil rights(民权)" for southern black People in America for ten years.

A ) led

B ) guided


C ) directed

D ) instructed

Lead: 领导 Guide: 向导,带领 Direct: 指引;导演 Instruct: 指导;教育 他十年来领导了美国南方黑人争取公民权力的斗争。

42. The kid couldn't help but ____ when his toy car fell into the river.

A ) cry

B ) to cry

C ) crying

【考查】can’t help but do sth. 禁不住做某事


D ) will cry

43. What a silly mistake it is! we must avoid(避免) ______ that again.

A ) doing

B ) to do

C ) having done

【考查】非谓语动词:avoid doing sth. 避免做某事


D ) to be doing

44. Many things______ impossible in the past are common today.

A) considered B) considering

C) being considered


D) to consider


45. It is a joy to hear ____ apologies that are from the bottom of one’s heart(肺腑;心坎).

A ) real

B ) true


C ) sincere

D ) practical







Practical: 实际的


That 引导定语从句,修饰 apologies。 46. He often visited the grain mill (碾坊) of Peter,____ liked to experiment with new things.

A) that

B ) whom


C ) who

D) which


先行词是 Peter,在定语从句中作主语,因此选择 who,而不能用 whom。

47. It took him several months to ____the wild horse.

A ) tend

B ) plant


C ) breed

D ) tame

Tend: 照料;趋向 Breed: 繁殖;饲养;养育 Tame: 驯养 他花了好几个月驯服这匹野马。

It takes / took sb. some time to do sth. 做某事花某人多长时间 48. Peter used to(过去常常做某事) live in London,______ ?

A) usedn't he

B ) did he use to

C ) wasn’t he

D) didn’t he use

【考查】used to 的反意疑问句:Usedn’t+主语或 didn’t+主语


49. Before he left for his vacation he went to the bank to ____ some money.

A ) pull

B ) pick


C ) gain

D ) draw

Pull: 拉;拖 Pick: 捡 Gain: 获得 Draw: 取;画 他去度假之前,去银行取了些钱。

50. That was so serious a matter that I had no choice but____the police.

A ) called in

B ) calling in

C ) call in

D ) to call in(召集,召来)

【考查】have no choice but to do sth. 别无选择只能做某事


So + adj. + a +可数名词 // such + a + adj. + 可数名词

51. He told me he would talk ____my suggestions with the manager of the factory.

A ) over 【考查】介词

B ) to

C ) with

D ) of

Talk over: Talk to: Talk with: Talk of:

谈论;商量 责备;对…说 与…交谈 谈到,讲到


52. In ______of your bad work I am forced to dismiss(解雇) you.

A ) crisis

B ) consequence


C ) conflict

D ) result

In consequence of 由于…的缘故

As a result of



53. I am very ____ of all the support you gave me.

A ) confident

B ) jealous


C ) thankful

D ) spoiled

Confident: 有信心的



Thankful: 感激的




54. He walked into the restaurant ____ it had belonged to(属于) him .

A ) like

B ) as if


C ) so that

D ) if

As if(似乎,好像)后面使用虚拟语气,虚拟过去使用过去完成时 他走进这个餐厅的样子就像是属于他似的。

55. Recently the newspapers have reported several ____ on the boundaries( 边 界 ) of Israel( 以 色 列 ) and Jordan(约旦).

A ) events

B ) incidents

C ) accidents




Incident: 小事件

Accident: 意外事故

Happening: 事件,意外的事


D ) happenings

56. The fact is that history is ____ things said and done in the past.

A ) less than

B ) no more than

C ) other than


less than: 少于

no more than: 仅仅,只不过是

other than: 除了

rather than: 而不是


D ) rather than

57. Her ____ is for comfort rather than smart clothes .

A ) favor

B ) focus

C ) preference






Preference: 偏好




D ) interest

58. You still have a lot to learn, if you’ll forgive(原谅) ____.

A ) to say so

B ) for me to say so C ) my saying so

D ) me saying so



59. I wouldn't read the book _______ who recommends(推荐) it.

A ) since

B ) as

C ) no matter

D ) regardless


No matter + 疑问代词/副词:不论


60. He himself didn't realize _______ what extent(程度) his point of view(观点) had changed.

A ) by

B ) in

C) at

D ) to


To some extent: 在一定程度上


Part III Cloze (10 minutes, 10 points)

Directions: There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C)

and D) beneath the passage. You should choose the one that best fits into the passage. Then mark the

corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

For many people today, reading is no longer(不再) relaxation(放松). To keep up(继续;保持) their work

they must read letters, reports, trade publications(行业出版物), interoffice communications(局间通信), not to

mention newspapers and magazines: a never-ending flood of words. In 61 a job or advancing in one, the ability to

read and comprehend 62 can mean the difference between success and failure. Yet the unfortunate(不幸的) fact

is that most of us are 63 readers. Most of us develop(养成) poor reading 64 at an early age, and never get over(克

服) them. The main problem 65 in the actual stuff(东西;材料) of language itself----words. Taken individually(个

体), words have 66 meaning until they are strung together into phrases, sentences and paragraphs. 67 , however,

the untrained reader does not read groups of words, He laboriously(辛苦地;费力地) reads one word at a time(一

次 ), often regressing( 后 悔 ) to 68 words or passages. Regression, the tendency( 趋 势 ; 倾 向 ) to look back

over(回头看) 69 you have just read, is a common bad habit in reading. Another habit which 70 down the speed of

reading is vocalization(发声) — sounding each word either orally or(要么...要么) mentally as one reads.

61 .A ) applying

B ) doing

C ) offering

D ) getting

62 .A ) quickly

B ) easily

C ) roughly

D ) decidedly

63 .A ) good

B ) curious

C ) poor

D ) urgent

64 .A ) training

B ) habits

C ) situations

D ) custom

65 .A ) lies

B ) combines

C ) touches

D ) involves

66 .A ) some

B ) a lot

C ) little

D ) dull

67 .A ) Fortunately B ) In fact

C ) Logically

D ) Unfortunately

68 .A ) reuse

B ) reread

C ) rewrite

D ) recite

69 .A ) what

B ) which

C ) that

D ) if

70 .A ) scales

B ) cuts

C ) slows

D ) measures

Part IV Translation (15 minutes, 10 points )
Directions: Put the following sentences into English. 71 .这种活动立刻吸引了大批年轻人。
This kind of activity immediately attracted a great number of young people. 72 .我不愿意每周末都照看我那淘气的侄女,但是我母亲坚持让我这么做。
I don’t like to watch over my naughty niece every weekend, but my mother insists that I do.

73 .我们制订的计划由于多种原因不能付诸实施。 The plan we made cannot be put into practice because of various reasons.
74 .专家说吃胡萝卜对眼睛很有好处。 Experts say eating carrots benefits your eyes.
75 .要是孩子们出什么事,我永远不会原谅自己。 If anything happened to the children, I’d never forgive myself.
Part V Writing ( 30 minutes , 20 points )
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a welcome speech. You should write at least 100 words and you should base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below .
你是李明。一个外国代表团(foreign delegation)要访问你们学校,你代表全班写一篇欢迎词。需要包含 以下内容: 1 .表达你的欢迎; 2 .简单介绍你的学校; 3 .祝愿他们在你的学校访问成功.
Ladies and Gentlemen, First of all(首先), please allow me to express the most heartfelt(衷心的,真心诚意的) welcome to all of
you on behalf of( 代 表 ) our Class One in the Computer Science Department of XX University. We have been looking forward to(期待,盼望) seeing you for long. It is a wonderful day today.
Now I would like to brief my university to you since I want to leave the most wonderful for you to discover. XX University is well-known both at home and abroad(国内外 ). If you want to meet distinguished(杰出的) scholars, please come to XX. If you want to discover the most attractive(迷人的) campus, please come to XX. I do hope that you will enjoy your stay at our university.
Yours sincerely, Li Ming